Gazi pumps

Price: ৳ 7500
Model Name: TJSW10M
Category Name: PLUMBING
Sub Category Name: Pumps & Motors
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    USES - These self-priming ejector type pumps with BRASS IMPELLER are suitable to handle clean or slightly cloudy, non-corrosive water not exceeding 50° C. temperature. Particularly suitable as shallow well pumps in areas where the well level is subject to seasonal changes. They can suck from a maximum depth of 9 metres and prime well even in presence of water with gas bubbles. It is recommended to install a foot valve or gate valve in suction inlet.

    PUMP SIDE - Cast-iron pump body and bracket, BRASS IMPELLER, stainless steel shaft; high quality mechanical seal.

    ELECTRIC MOTOR - Heavy-duty, continuous service, induction motor built to I.E.C 2-3 issue 1-1974ref. 355 regulations. Built-in overload motor protector for single phase version. Protection according to IP44 Standards. Size according to UNEL-MEC specifications.

    PRODUCTION STANDARDS - The pump side is in cast-iron and is built to ISO 2548 regulations. The motor to IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) specifications.

    QUALITY CONTROL - All our pumps are individually factory tested according to UNI 6871-71P cat Ill Standards.


     Slngle phase: 180V - 220V

     Three phase: 380V - 440V

    Maximum allowable deviation from the rated voltage ±5%

    (Other voltages available on demand).

    FREQUENCY - 50 Hz.

    WARRANTY PERIOD - 24 months.